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- Used Railway Sleepers -

An example of an individual recycled sleeper Recycled Sleepers
Sleeper Quality: There are four grades to describe the various conditions you can purchase sleepers in:

Grade AA: The best recycled sleepers. All the edges are square. No rotten pieces. Minimal cracking of the sleepers. No lumps or pieces missing out of the timber. Availability of these is always limited.
Grade A: Good quality sleepers. The most common type supplied. Again no rotten pieces. Edges are fairly square. The will be some cracking and splitting of the sleepers through drying out. All sleepers in each bundle will be of similar size with no lumps or misshapes.
Grade B: Average quality sleepers: No rotten pieces. Edges are often rounded. Sleepers often have frequent cracking - 30cm+long 5-6cm deep. Edges will have some splits in. Suitable uses include standing equipment, buildings and materials on, border edging and retaining walls.
Grade C: Firewood quality only. The remaining sleepers which do not fit into the above categories. An Example of the side of Grade A sleepers. No Splits visible. All timbers in good condition

Sleeper Dimensions
Each sleepers is approx 2.6m long 25cm wide and 14cm deep. Weight 65kg Note that these measurements are approx only. The timber is second hand, and measurements on the length, width and depth can be +/-5%.

Railways sleepers come in bundles of 20 and 24 pieces. We only now supply minimum of 8 (eight) bundles. Other size bundles are available to order.

Timber Specification
Softwood sleepers are usually pine or spruce treated with creosote oils. Hardwood sleepers can be supplied in either beech or oak or a mixture of both types.

All potential customers should be aware that these are second user sleepers and most are twenty years old so should not expect perfect timbers in any of the grades.

Cutting Service
If you require a quantity of sleepers cut to a certain specification we can offer this service prior to shipment for a very competitive rate. Email your requirements with your sleeper inquiry.

If we are unable to help you or do not meet your requirements try one of the suggestions below:

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