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Private Buyers
bundle of tree stakes Private Buyers should be aware we are importers and distributors only. With the exception of the Garden Furniture such as the birdtables, we do not sell individual products. The majority of products come in full bundles or pallets.

For example minimum order for sleepers would be eight bundles. Decking would be a minimum order of 10 pallets. Pallets can be of mixed sizes.

The majority of our deliveries are done by flatbed truck or curtainsider. You will need to arrange for them to be off loaded. Either with your own equipment or hired in equipment such as a JCB. Crane fitted lorry (HIAB) deliveries are available but often this will increase the price for small consignments considerably and is not always an available option. The delivery driver will never offer to help unload the lorry. They are not allowed to do so. Railway sleepers can be unloaded by hand but you will need a minimum of four fit people.

If you are buying secondhand sleepers treated with creosote oils then please read this article on the do's and don'ts on how to handle them. {link to}

General Handling Rules
Note the information given below is for general guidance and is provided only to supplement common Health and Safety Rules. RDG Services Ltd is not liable for any errors or omissions.

(1)Gloves should be worn when handling preserved timbers
(2)When cutting preserved timbers goggles should be used. Masks should also be used in confined spaces
(3)Waste timber should be disposed of in accordance with local rules. Treated timber should never be burnt on fires used for cooking food.

Creosote Oil Treated Timbers
Since the end of 2004 within EU countries new laws will come into effect over the handling of usage of products treated with creosote oils. All timbers we sell treated with creosote oils are classed as second hand timbers under the new rules. All new products are preserved with other treatments including CCA and tanalith treatments. Railways sleepers cannot be used in the following circumstances.

(1) In the construction of furniture.
(2) Where there is a risk of the timber coming into contact with food
(3) Playgrounds
(4) Inside buildings
(5) Areas where there is the risk of prolonged human contact. i.e. Retaining walls which people walk past all the time.
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